Joanna Lamb


Joanna Lamb started studying medieval history at the age of ten after reading E.L. Konigsburg’s A Proud Taste for Scarlet and Miniver. She completed her MA in history at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 2006 with a thesis on hagiography and entered her doctoral candidacy in 2010 at The Catholic University of America, writing on the long-neglected English queen Matilda of Boulogne. Joanna has taught history at Catholic University, University of Maryland-Baltimore County, and other colleges in the greater D.C. area, while also leading a long-running seminar on the primary sources of Christian history at her church. Joanna has extensive experience writing and editing primary source-based exhibits for the American Catholic History Classroom webpage.  Her favorite project related to a comic book from 1976 that predicted the election of the first African-American U.S. president. In addition, she has produced finding aids for the Maryland State Archives. When she’s not grading essays or writing about medieval saints, Joanna likes obsessing over art and architecture with her husband, Jared, and serving the whims of her adorable beagle-dog, Sadie. Her favorite dead person is still Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Meet the Team

Elizabeth Ford


Elizabeth Ford dropped out of law school to pursue a Ph.D. in Scottish music at the University of Glasgow. This research won the National Flute Association Graduate Research Award. She has held (and will hold) research fellowships at the University of Glasgow, the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities at the University of Edinburgh, the Riemenschneider Bach Institute, the McGill-Burney Centre, and the Bodleian Libraries. Her writing is widely published in the fields of eighteenth-century Scottish studies and historical musicology and has been called ‘required reading.’ Her work in editing started when she was employed by her family’s physician to assist as he wrote the great American novel. Since then, she has worked with writers of fiction and non-fiction, copyedited for the Legal Studies Forum, worked as the English language editor for Schott Music, and was managing director of a small press in Glasgow. She is currently lead copyeditor of ABO: Interactive Journal for Women in the Arts, 1640-1830. She has a collie called Sally, a basset hound called Lucy, and tiny grey mute cat called Francesca, but her best friend is her beloved Highland cow, Hamish. Elizabeth will read anything that holds still long enough but is partial to big thick books with small print and no pictures. Away from books, she likes to take pointlessly long walks in search of obscure folkloric sites, attempt to translate Gaelic, and get escorted out of libraries.

John Reid


Before co-founding Blackwater Press, John Reid studied English with Creative Writing at the Universities of Aberdeen and Edinburgh, earning First Class Honours for his MA and Distinction for his MSc. He is a published short story writer in numerous anthologies, and during his time at Aberdeen was awarded the George Bruce Memorial Prize for Excellence in Creative Writing. His poetry has been shortlisted for the Streetcake Experimental Writing Prize. He first became involved in publishing as an editor for a short story collection in Edinburgh, before joining a small press in Glasgow as assistant managing director. By the time he left in July 2020 to start Blackwater, he had progressed to the role of managing director, and had learned the ropes of all aspects of the publishing industry. When he’s not publishing, he loves writing, reading old New Yorker stories, and of course playing with his Labrador, Steve.

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