Boni Thompson

Although born a proud Canadian and living in the rolling hills of Mono, Ontario, Thompson is apparently composed exclusively of 100% Irish DNA. That probably explains her interest in wild Irish stories.  The road to completing her own wild Irish story began as a teenager when she inadvertently sunk her finger in an old bullet wound behind her grandfather’s ear, a wound few people knew existed, and learned that he had once been a bona fide Irish rebel through and through. 

Not wishing to appear biased toward one side of the family tree she has undertaken the story of her other grandfather, a trooper in the King’s Royal Horse Guard. Ah, the ironies of life!

When she is not struggling to put pen to paper you might find her railing against the current vagaries and mishaps of educational policies and procedures across North America, putting to questionable use her PhD in Philosophy of Education.  When everyone quietly leaves the room, she will eventually try to console herself by practicing her cello, at which time her family will not so quietly shut doors around the house, or don earphones. 

She will be eternally grateful to everyone at Blackwater Press, especially Elizabeth, for inviting her on board for the ride.