A good manuscript assessment is a key given to an author whose success lies just beyond a locked door. No amount of pushing and pulling on the author’s part will open it. Only clear-headed editorial attention—the key—will do the job. Before I’d gotten three paragraphs into Blackwater Press’ assessment of my Victorian suspense romance, The Corset Girl, I knew John’s critique would turn in the lock. I wasn’t disappointed. With gratitude and hope, I’ll keep Blackwater Press updated on what lies beyond for me and the book.

– Annie R McEwen, author

All authors’ manuscripts can be improved by an astute editor: being too close to our own work, we may not see plot flaws, structural problems or omissions. I was delighted by John Reid’s conscientious scrutiny of my plot, continuity, characterisation, pace, narrative focus and readability. I highly recommend him.

– Dr Anne Pettigrew, author of Not the Life Imagined and Not the Deaths Imagined

It was a tremendous pleasure to work with John Reid and Blackwater Press on a manuscript evaluation for my forthcoming novel, Hanna’s Climb. He was perceptive, insightful and also very supportive and encouraging. Awesome!

– Jayna Sheats, author of Hanna’s Climb

I used Blackwater Press for developmental edits on my latest manuscript. Where other agents and editors saw a convoluted plot, the Blackwater team saw a “compelling train wreck” and got the storyline back on track.

– Betsy Schow, author of Spelled and the Storymaker Series

Elizabeth Ford and John Reid of Blackwater Press are two of the finest young editors around. Just as importantly, they are publishers of style and taste. I predict big things ahead.

– Dr Philip Dunshea, publisher and author

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