Interesting Lives

At Blackwater Press, we’re interested in good stories. We are now seeking proposals for editions of autobiography, memoir, letters, and life writing from the long eighteenth century (c. 1650-1820). We are especially interested in lives that have not previously been readily available to a wider audience, or presented in informed, scholarly editions. Proposals should include a statement of editorial practice, sources consulted, explanation of why the subject is a good fit for the series, and a brief CV of the editor. For previously published material, please explain the need for an updated edition. Please send to send them to us or contact Elizabeth or Vivien directly.

We are especially interested in the following lives, but are very open to any proposal fitting within the above description.

  • Mme. De la Toule
  • Frances, Lady Vane
  • Teresia Constantia Phillips
  • Laetitia Pilkington
  • Catherine Jemmat
  • Mrs. Coghlan (Margaret Moncrieffe)
  • Mrs. Billington
  • John Clerk of Penicuik
  • Alison Cockburn
  • Charlotte Charke
  • Johann Joachim Quantz
  • Franz Benda
  • Karl Ditters von Dittersdorf
  • Sarah Osburn
  • Frederika, Baroness Riedesel
  • Elizabeth Drinker
  • Anna Green Winslow
  • Sarah Wister
  • Grace Growder Galloway
  • Lady Murray of Stanhope
  • Lady Grange’s letters from St Kilda
  • Henriette Campan
  • Any Native American or slave narrative that isn’t already available
  • James Erskine, Lord Grange
  • John MacDonald the travelling footman
  • Lady Anne Barnard
  • John Home
  • Rev. Alexander Carlyle of Inveresk
  • Elizabeth Carter
  • Mme d’Aulnoy
  • Charles Perrault
  • Flora MacDonald

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