Milagros Lasarte

Milagros Lasarte is an Argentinian writer. She moved to France at a young age and has lived there since. Her writing, however, is all in English – a language that has become a bridge between her South American roots and her French education.
She studied English at the Sorbonne, focusing on the linguistic and literary aspects of that language across the channel. She then moved on to complete an MSc in Creative Writing at the University of Edinburgh.
After working both in traditional publishing and e-learning as an editor, she decided to learn other forms of languages and has now entered the world of programming.
Her writing merges her three cultures together into a subtle combination of idealism and tragic irony. With a keen interest in psychology, both her fiction and poetry delve into the complexity of the human psyche as well as the tension that arises from all that is left unsaid.
Mastering the written word, playing with nuances, pushing the limits of imagination – these are some of the things she looks for in a good book.
Her short stories are featured in several anthologies, such as The Same Havoc (The Selkie) and Bitter (Small Leaf Press).