February 2023

Hello, dear subscribers. We’re repeating ourselves here, but February has been as action-packed as usual!

Our next books are out in April: Anangokaa by Cameron Alam on April 3, and Joseph Horowitz’s The Marriage: The Mahlers in New York on April 29. Both are available for pre-order, and will be strong additions to the collections of any historical fiction fans.

The Marriage comes with some bonus material. Gustav Mahler was a major character in early twentieth-century music, and his time in New York was remembered vividly by musicians who worked with him there. These recordings, made in 1964, are available as extra contents, along with a listening guide. Since recording technology was not available in Mahler’s lifetime, we’ll never know how a performance he led sounded, but we can get close. Dmitri Mitropoulos’ 1940 recording of Mahler’s Symphony No. 1 in D Major, “Titan,” with the Minneapolis Symphony is regarded as stylistically close to how Mahler directed his own music, and we hope you enjoy listening and reading about it.

Now, time for some bragging:

The Historical Novel Society recently published reviews of two our titles: Anangokaa and The Stone Maidens.

We also learned that our North American distributor, Small Press Distribution, has recognized two of our books: Ma Chère Maman—Mon Cher Enfant was on their January bestseller list, and The Girl with Twenty Fingers was chosen for their SPD Recommends list. We couldn’t be happier.

Speaking of The Girl with Twenty Fingers, check out Kate’s video about how she managed to write a novel with three very small children.

Some other news:

We are delighted by how quickly our reputation has grown, but with that comes a massive load of manuscripts to consider. We’ve decided rather than getting any further behind our ideal response time, we shall stop accepting new manuscripts until further notice. We will make an announcement once submissions are open again. Of the problems we could have, this is a good one!

And we leave with this exciting news for next month: we’re trialing free shipping for the whole of March on domestic orders (US & UK). Simply use the code freemarch23 at checkout and a ‘free shipping’ option will pop up. If you were waiting for an excuse to order, wait no longer!

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