Editing Services

Editing your own work is difficult, and good presentation and grammar are often best polished through a new pair of eyes. This is why we offer editorial services in addition to book publishing at Blackwater Press. Our services include proofreading, typesetting, copyediting, editing, translation and manuscript assessments.

Whether you are an author of fiction or non-fiction, an academic writer or a student, we will help you to refine your writing prior to submission or peer review. We also have experience working with authors for whom English is a second language.

Though we have encountered an eclectic mix of writing in our editorial endeavors up to this point (including novels, short stories, poetry, scholarly articles, school projects, website copy, program notes, biographies and more), if a text is submitted to us which we feel is outside our jurisdiction then we will not hesitate to recommend an alternative service. This would be the case if a text was deeply scientific and demanded a thorough understanding of the subject matter to edit it properly.

We are not a vanity press, so on principle, we will not publish any work we have been paid to edit. If a manuscript comes for assessment and is already of publishable quality, and is of interest, we will contact the author.

Our Rates

  • Light edit: 60 $/£ an hour. Deposit of 120 $/£ required
  • Heavy edit: 70 $/£ an hour. Deposit of 140 $/£ required
  • Proofreading: 60 $/£ an hour. Deposit of 120 $/£ required
  • Typesetting: 50 $/£ an hour. Deposit of 100 $/£ required

For all hourly rate editorial work, we require a retainer equivalent to two hours of work at the agreed upon price. Students are entitled to a 20 percent discount on all projects. Please contact us with what you need, and once we have agreed on a timeline and the deposit has been received, we will invoice the total balance due upon completion of the project.