Susan Ostrov

Susan Ostrov was born into an impoverished immigrant family in Brooklyn, New York, married young, had three children, and somehow after many years of school and childrearing, managed an Ivy League doctoral degree and a long career as a Professor of English.

Susan has previously published four scholarly books on the subject of women and their relationship to romantic love, a subject that fascinates her. Then, nearing the end of her career, she wrote Loveland: A Memoir of Romance and Fiction, contrasting our contemporary ideas about romance with her own surprisingly funny, and unsurprisingly wrenching, real experiences of love, at each stage of life.

Combining her expertise in classic romance novels with a personal account of her own experiences as a romantic woman, Loveland is part wry memoir and part serious cultural critique. She hopes to Illuminate how and why women in modern society seem more preoccupied with finding and keeping love than men supposedly are.