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  • January 2023

    January 2023

    Without standing up, he lifted the book from a stack on a chest next to his chair. “What a coincidence. I’m sure you know that today would have been Mozart’s birthday: January 27, 1756.” The Girl with Twenty Fingers Hello all, and congratulations on making it through January – it wasn’t too bad, was it? […]

  • December 2022

    December 2022

    Well, first and foremost: MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! We hope you are having a lovely festive season. Some of you may be without water or electricity due to the recent weather emergencies; some may be affected by the emotional overload these holidays bring; others may be struggling for a million different reasons. Let’s seize this […]

  • November


    It’s November, and the biggest, most seasonal, news is that our Small Business Weekend/Civilized Saturday/Cyber Monday/Not Black Friday (!) sale continues through this Sunday, December 4. All of our books are 25 percent off. FYI: books make excellent gifts 🙂 . The next bit of good news is that Elizabeth Auld’s long-awaited translation of Lucien […]

  • Twenty Fingers for One Dollar

    By Kate Mueser “So, is it autobiographical?” Those who know me well will ask that question when they read my debut novel, The Girl with Twenty Fingers, about an American used-to-be pianist in Germany who plays Mozart’s works for piano four hands with an elderly German man. “Absolutely not!” I would reply. “But Kate,” they […]

  • October


    October 17 was the publication of Ioulia Kolovou’s novel The Stone Maidens, followed by a reading and discussion with Zoë Strachan at John Smith’s bookshop at the University of Glasgow. Thanks to all who attended this great event—our first in-person launch! And to who all who have purchased copies: it’s a gripping multi-generational saga of […]

  • Ma Chère Maman—Mon Cher Enfant

    Ma Chère Maman—Mon Cher Enfant

    by Elizabeth Auld What does French baroque music have to do with letters from World War I? The answer is not obvious but, in this case, one of simple coincidence. Two scholars of the French Baroque from both sides of the Atlantic become friends; finally, their spouses meet. The rest, as far as this book […]

  • On Disrupting a Cherished Musical Tradition and Creating New Appalachian Ballads

    On Disrupting a Cherished Musical Tradition and Creating New Appalachian Ballads
  • September


    September, where to begin? How about with Melanie McGee Bianchi’s The Ballad of Cherrystoke and Other Stories being named a Distinguished Favorite at the NYC Big Book Awards! Blackwater also dipped its first toe into the digital world with an eBook to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Iain MacDonald’s award-winning novel I Piped, That She […]

  • August 2022

    August 2022

    Tuscawilla: Stories of a Farm has been our best seller this month. We thank Robert Tuckwiller for his idea to sell copies at his booth at the State Fair of West Virginia. There really couldn’t be a more perfect setting for selling this book: the Fair features prominently in Cary’s memoirs, and one must pass […]

  • July 2022

    July 2022

    July has been another jam-packed month at the various Blackwater Press locations! The biggest news is that we now have distribution in both the UK and the US and Canada. While direct sales will always be the most lucrative way for us to sell books, most shops would rather not deal with a publisher directly, […]