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  • February 2023

    February 2023

    Hello, dear subscribers. We’re repeating ourselves here, but February has been as action-packed as usual! Our next books are out in April: Anangokaa by Cameron Alam on April 3, and Joseph Horowitz’s The Marriage: The Mahlers in New York on April 29. Both are available for pre-order, and will be strong additions to the collections of […]

  • January 2023

    January 2023

    Without standing up, he lifted the book from a stack on a chest next to his chair. “What a coincidence. I’m sure you know that today would have been Mozart’s birthday: January 27, 1756.” The Girl with Twenty Fingers Hello all, and congratulations on making it through January – it wasn’t too bad, was it? […]

  • December 2022

    December 2022

    Well, first and foremost: MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone! We hope you are having a lovely festive season. Some of you may be without water or electricity due to the recent weather emergencies; some may be affected by the emotional overload these holidays bring; others may be struggling for a million different reasons. Let’s seize this […]

  • November 2022

    November 2022

    It’s November, and the biggest, most seasonal, news is that our Small Business Weekend/Civilized Saturday/Cyber Monday/Not Black Friday (!) sale continues through this Sunday, December 4. All of our books are 25 percent off. FYI: books make excellent gifts 🙂 . The next bit of good news is that Elizabeth Auld’s long-awaited translation of Lucien […]

  • October 2022

    October 2022

    October 17 was the publication of Ioulia Kolovou’s novel The Stone Maidens, followed by a reading and discussion with Zoë Strachan at John Smith’s bookshop at the University of Glasgow. Thanks to all who attended this great event—our first in-person launch! And to who all who have purchased copies: it’s a gripping multi-generational saga of […]

  • September 2022

    September 2022

    September, where to begin? How about with Melanie McGee Bianchi’s The Ballad of Cherrystoke and Other Stories being named a Distinguished Favorite at the NYC Big Book Awards! Blackwater also dipped its first toe into the digital world with an eBook to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Iain MacDonald’s award-winning novel I Piped, That She […]

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