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  • Interesting Lives

    It is difficult for a man to speak long of himself without vanity; therefore, I shall be short. – David Hume, My Own Life Exciting news from Blackwater Press! We’re about to launch a new book series, and we need your collaboration. Interesting Lives is our forthcoming series of non-fiction (autobiographies, memoirs, letters, and life […]

  • Tuscawilla Website Update

    We’ve added more photographs to the companion website for Tuscawilla: Stories of a Farm, and have a blog post by Kaaren Cary Ford telling of her mother’s welcome to the farm after her marriage in January 1948. I forgot to mention that as newlyweds my mom and dad, Mary Elizabeth Reaser Cary and George Edward […]

  • How to overcome fear of the blank page …

    If you’ve ever attempted to write anything more creative than a shopping list, you’ve probably felt the dread of that blank page staring back at you. The white expanse of infinite possibilities, a world too dauntingly large to take that first step into it … Right? Well, you’re not alone, and as the saying goes, […]

  • Robert Davis: Turning Family History into Fiction

    I could give you all the facts – names, dates, places, relationships – of my family history, and you would fall asleep quickly. I know this because I would drop off into a deep slumber myself in the telling. And yet, hidden in the dry folds of this history, there was a story to be […]

  • December

    So long, 2021. We really hope that all of your Christmas and New Year plans haven’t been totally sabotaged by the most unwelcome of guests, Corona, and that you’ve been able to spend some quality time amid friends and family (and books and booze, of course!). Strange as everything may have been, we have thoroughly […]

  • Meet our new author: Melanie Bianchi!

    Happy 30-Days-After-Halloween Forgive me for bringing up ghosts in the wrong month, but I was battling some seriously scary deadlines in late October. Now that it’s mid-November, I have a lull from work and more time to dwell on the dark side. My house is a very small, middle-aged cottage that turned 60 this year. […]

  • October (almost!)

    November, where did you come from?! First thing’s first, we would like to once again thank all of those who have pre-ordered Tuscawilla:StoriesofaFarm for their patience. The printing landscape has never been so backlogged, and as a small press we sadly don’t get prioritised for any front-of-the-queue treatment. Scandalous, we know! Rest assured that the […]

  • One year on…

    September has been a big month here at Blackwater Press for two reasons: The first is that we’ve (finally) published a book! I Piped, That She Might Dance by Iain MacDonald exists in hard copy at last … in Scotland, at least … We didn’t realize what an impact Covid-19 has had on the book […]

  • Five Tips From Editors You (Possibly) Won’t Have Heard Before

    Hello:) You’ve likely run across a few of these pieces before, advising prospective authors on what to do and what not to do, and most of them are very useful indeed! But we thought that instead of repeating what you might have already read, we’d try and think of a few slightly more particular things […]

  • A visit to Tuscawilla

    Updated: Jul 30, 2021 Tuscawilla Farm is the ancestral home of two families: the Knights and the Carys. Our forthcoming title – Tuscawilla: Stories of a Farm – gives a history of the families and their work between about 1860 and about 1960. The book originated as a pile of handwritten stories on legal tablet […]

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