August 2022

Tuscawilla: Stories of a Farm has been our best seller this month. We thank Robert Tuckwiller for his idea to sell copies at his booth at the State Fair of West Virginia. There really couldn’t be a more perfect setting for selling this book: the Fair features prominently in Cary’s memoirs, and one must pass the main entrance to Tuscawilla coming and going from the fairgrounds. Check out Tuckwiller’s art here.

We are delighted to learn that Tuscawilla met all requirements for sale at Tamarack and will very soon be on the shelves of their vast West Virginia-themed bookshop.

Early in the month, Elizabeth had an unexpected chance to have a table at the Lewisburg Literary Festival. She met representative of a few other local presses, local authors, and lost count of the times people asked if that was the same Tuscawilla Farm they’d just passed. It is.

We have two new authors on our website: Cameron Alam and Kate Mueser, and their books both feature young women in new surroundings making unlikely friends. Cameron’s novel Anangokaa is the story of a family from the Isle of Mull who joined Lord Selkirk’s scheme to settle at Baldoon, Ontario, in 1804. This coming of age tale focuses on the second daughter, Flora, and her friendship with a young Native American man. Kate’s novel The Girl With Twenty Fingers, is set in present-day Munich and follows a young American woman, Sarah, who has spectacularly bombed out of music school and wants a fresh, ideally piano-free start. An unexpected friendship blossoms, and Sarah is able to accept how her life developed. Watch for this winter!

And, our next book, Ioulia Kolovou’s The Stone Maidens, will be published on October 17, and is now available for pre-order. This follows the life of Milagros Riquelme as she grows from a young girl with great aspirations into adulthood, hoping for more for her beloved daughter, and set against Argentina’s Dirty War.

For many, this is the beginning of the academic year. We’d like to remind our readers—and their friends—that we also edit. And we’re seeking proposals for our Interesting Lives series. And, another of our editing clients had a book accepted for publication: congratulations to Gloria Beth Amodeo, whose memoir God’s Ex-Girlfriend, was accepted by LG Publishing. From the three chapters we read, it’s a can’t miss!

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