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    Loveland [pre-order]

    by Susan Ostrov Available for pre-order Available as e-book: 15th of May 2024 Print publication date: 15th of June 2024 This is not your usual memoir – much less a typical love story. Loveland is about the unfolding of unmet expectations, of shattered childhood dreams, of tenderness found unexpectedly; it is the uncovering of different…

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  • While Dragging Our Hearts Behind Us: Cork, 1916-1923

    by Boni Thompson Available as e-book: 11th of February 2024 Print publication date: 17th of March 2024 As the aftermath of the Easter Rising descends into disaster, 17-year-old James becomes swept up in the intensity of Irish Nationalism. His carefree youth evaporates as he finds himself quietly drawn into the Cork No.1 Brigade, C Company,…

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  • The Boy from Nowhere

    by Richard Robison, Jr. For young Richard, every year it’s the same story: as soon as he settles into his surroundings, with its friendships, school, sports teams, and all those customs that make a place home, he is forced to move. As a boy who is wiser beyond his years, he sees his parents’ strain…

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  • Mission to Madagascar

    by David Mould Radama—the young, savvy ruler of the rising military power in Madagascar. Robert Townsend Farquhar—governor of the British island colony of Mauritius, whose plantation economy depends on slave labor. James Hastie—an enterprising East India Company sergeant, ready to take on a risky mission. In the aftermath of the Napoleonic Wars, as Britain and…

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  • Ma Chère Maman – Mon Cher Enfant

    edited and translated by Elizabeth Schoonmaker Auld Synopsis In August 1914, concert violinist Lucien Durosoir was on holiday with his mother Louise in Brittany, when the world changed, and he was called up. Swapping his instrument for a rifle, he was at the front a week later. Ma Chère Maman – Mon Cher Enfant is…

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  • Tuscawilla: Stories of a Farm

    by F. Jane Cary Tuscawilla: Stories of a Farm is a collection of stories by the late F. Jane Cary about farm life in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, in the middle of the twentieth century. Cary lived her entire life on Tuscawilla Farm, eventually managing it after the deaths of her brothers. This fascinating account…

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