April 2023

April started with a bang: Cameron Alam’s debut novel Anangokaa was published on April 3, and has sold out in North America. If you’re waiting on a copy they are shipping as we write. Here’s the latest review.

That same week, Melanie Bianchi (author of one of our best- selling books, The Ballad of Cherrystoke and Other Stories), Pete Kosky, and Elizabeth presented their collaboration on Rewriting the Ballad Narrative in Appalachian Literature at Booktenders, in Barboursville, and the Kanawha County Public Library. Thanks to all who came and hosted, but especially to Buddy, the Booktenders dog.

We have a definite musical theme this month: Kate Mueser, author of The Girl With Twenty Fingers was interviewed for Californians in Germany about ex-pat life, Mozart, Munich, and writing while having small children to tend to.

Our next book is out on Saturday, April 29: The Marriage: The Mahlers in New York, by the eminent scholar Joseph Horowitz. Gustav and Alma Mahler’s marriage was famous; so why turn to fiction? The introduction to the novel will tell you, as will this article . Love Mahler’s music, and want to know what goes best with the book? We have a soundtrack with a listening guide. Joseph has had a few events this month about the book, in New York and online; he was interviewed for the Colorado Mahler Fest, and on Saturday he’s the guest on the Mahler Foundation’s Mahler Hour.

Speaking of new books, all newsletter subscribers receive 20 percent off all pre-orders. Up next we have The Flounder by John Fulton, A People Without Shame by Patrick Colm Hogan, and Mission to Madagascar by David H. Mould.

In addition to publication day for The Marriage, Saturday is also Independent Bookstore Day. Here’s your reminder that the best way to get our books on the shelves of your local bookstores is to go in and ask them to stock our titles. And please, stay away from Amazon.

See ya’ll next month.

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