June 2023

As we welcome July, let’s have a look at what has made June a great month at Blackwater Press, shall we? 

Probably the keyword for June 2023 was ‘events’. Online, in person, conferences, pub talks… we’ve been places!

Starting with the West Virginia Writers conference (June 10), where our very own Elizabeth was the guest speaker and talked about how our editorial process works at Blackwater Press – the dos and don’ts for authors, what gets editors excited, how to successfully submit a manuscript to a publishing company, and much more. 

Whereas on June 12 author John Fulton was over to Glasgow from the States to present his book The Flounder at the Curler’s Rest pub. John also did an online reading for the Dire Street Reading Series on the 22nd.

June 17 was dedicated to Joseph Horowitz and his The Marriage: the Mahlers in New York in Einsamkeit, presented by Peridance Contemporary Dance Company (NYC) setting Mahler and Schubert performances by Horowitz and bass trombonist David Taylor. 

The end of the month saw David Mould in the UK, launching his non-fiction Mission to Madagascar: The Sergeant, the King, and the Slave Trade. He was at the Anglo-Malagasy Society on the 28th, and at King’s College London on the 29th. Stay tuned on our social media platforms for more UK events during his stay! 

We celebrated a year of Melanie McGee Bianchi’s The Ballad of Cherrystoke, and Other Stories by producing the e-book version, which is now available at our website. It’s been a year, but the unwavering interest in the book means that Melanie was guest author at the Wonderland Book Club in Raleigh on June 30th.

And if that’s a wrap for June, while we’re at it let us remind you of a couple of further events lined up for early July: Kate Mueser, author of The Girl with Twenty Fingers, has an event on today, July 1st! And tomorrow, July 2nd, Joseph Horowitz will be at the Brevard Music Centre. 

Did we mention we are so proud of all of our authors? 

And finally, just a little side note to say that as a small business, every little effort from every one of you helps us grow. What can you do? If you have a moment and if you’ve enjoyed any (or hopefully all!) of our books, it makes a big difference if you could drop them a review on Goodreads, Amazon, or any other platform. It’s not easy being a little fish in an ocean of much, muuuuch bigger fish… but we believe that what we do is meaningful both for our authors and for our readers, and that small businesses are the sustainable way forward. And probably, if you’re following our newsletters, you do too. 

So, thank you.

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