November 2022

It’s November, and the biggest, most seasonal, news is that our Small Business Weekend/Civilized Saturday/Cyber Monday/Not Black Friday (!) sale continues through this Sunday, December 4. All of our books are 25 percent off. FYI: books make excellent gifts 🙂 .

The next bit of good news is that Elizabeth Auld’s long-awaited translation of Lucien and Louise Durosoir’s war-time correspondence has been published: Ma Chère Maman – Mon Cher Enfant. This is the world’s first English edition of their letters and has a little something for everyone. World War I, music, the complexities of a mother-son relationship during one of the darkest periods in human history… We are really happy with this one.

John went to The Greenock Writers’ Club and held an interactive session on editing; thank you very much to everyone there and we’re very excited to see the writing that comes out of that talented cohort. John is looking forward to returning to discuss the trials and tribulations of small press publishing next year.

Oh, and there is the small matter of our next book: The Girl With Twenty Fingers by the incredible Kate Mueser (link to her page).

This will go on sale Monday, December 5. Why? It’s the anniversary of Mozart’s death in 1791. You don’t need to know that to enjoy the book, but it’s a nice little factoid and helps Elizabeth justify all her music degrees. We’ll publish it on January 27, Mozart’s birthday. Read more about the inspiration for the novel here, in our latest blog post by Kate.

And here’s a wee reminder this busy book-buying season: Amazon Kills. Our distributors demand that our books are available there, because in order to reach the most readers they must be, but please, try to buy our books (and any other books) elsewhere! You can support local bookshops (US and UK) through other platforms like and IndieBound. We all have to work together to keep small publishers and smaller shops alive. We’re likely preaching to the choir, but tell your friends! Our friends at IndieBound have this to say.

And on that note, if you want to see our books in your local shops, the best way is to go into the shops and ask. Demand leads to supply. All of our titles are listed on Goodreads, Storygraph, Amazon, Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, so please do leave a review!

And here’s a turkey called Ellie that chased Elizabeth across a parking lot. See you next month.

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