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    Burying Norma Jeane [pre-order]

    by Leah Rogin Available for pre-order Available as e-book:4thth of July 2024 Print publication date: 4th of August 2024 Spending eternity next to Marilyn is too sweet to pass up. Hugh Hefner Already in the throes of grief after the sudden loss of her husband, Miriam Renata is shaken by the news that Hugh Hefner,…

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    The Three Lives of St Ciarán [pre-order]

    by Inés G. Labarta Available for pre-order Available as e-book: 20th of April 2024 Print publication date: 20th of May 2024 A young girl, un-dead and un-alive, brought to the shores of Iberia and nurtured to become the saviour of Madrid. A crippled boy drowning in the waters of Loughmichnois, called to preserve the secrets…

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  • Symbiosis

    by Milagros Lasarte Life in the town of LV runs placidly and smoothly, regulated by an unspoken, but very much omnipresent System. When Monica and her daughter move into the house known as the Hovel, everyone is ready to welcome them – until it becomes apparent that they do not, and will not, blend into…

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  • Catch the Moments As They Fly

    by Zoë Strachan Rena Jarvie is ahead of her time. Ambitious, attractive, and determined her family will escape their shameful past. A new town offers a chance at the respectability and independence she craves, but is it enough? When she marries Bobby Young – charming, cosmopolitan and haunted by his own memories – doors begin…

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  • Guilt

    by Carter Taylor Seaton Judge Alexander Betts has carried the burden of guilt most of his life. Now a bench trial before him forces him to finally deal with the reasons behind it. In southern Georgia in the 1960s, Alexander knew something about the murder his best friend’s brother was accused of, but he kept…

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    The Flounder

    by John Fulton The riddles of desire, youth, old age, poverty, and wealth are laid bare in this radiant collection from a master of the form. From inner-city pawnshops to high-powered law firms, from the desert of California to the coast of France, The Flounder paints a vivid portrait of how complex and poignant everyday…

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  • A People Without Shame

    by Patrick Colm Hogan Somota is society divided by change, and by memories. When A. arrives in the protectorate shortly after the first world war, he is unsure of what to expect. Employed by the government as a linguistic anthropologist, he is tasked with documenting the benefits of the new order and reporting them to…

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  • Anangokaa

    by Cameron Alam Upper Canada, 1804, on the edge of Chippewa territory. Flora MacCallum wakes from a malarial coma and witnesses the staggering loss her siblings have endured during their first days on the mosquito-infested banks of the Chenail Écarté. Lured from the Isle of Mull by Lord Selkirk’s promise of fertile grazing land and…

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  • The Marriage: The Mahlers in New York

    by Joseph Horowitz See the companion extra content to the book here. Gustav and Alma Mahler arrived in New York City in 1907. He had been invited to lead the Metropolitan Opera; his glamorous wife accompanied him to the New World. His embattled American career places their legendary marriage in sharp relief. Nineteen years Gustav’s…

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    Blackwater Short Story Collection 2022

    We are delighted to unveil the Blackwater Short Story Collection 2022, a collection consisting of ten fabulous stories from writers that entered our latest short story competition. The theme for the competition was ‘INK’, and we know you’ll love reading all the weird and wonderful ways our entrants interpreted this. Congratulations to all the winners,…

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  • The Girl with Twenty Fingers

    by Kate Mueser Synopsis Sarah’s hope of becoming a concert pianist was shattered when she bombed an important performance of a Mozart concerto. Now in Munich, she feels like an imposter in her job as a food magazine editor. A chance encounter in a music shop leads to a surprising friendship with an elderly widower…

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  • The Stone Maidens

    by Ioulia Kolovou For years, the best that young girls from the backwater village of Alta Gracia could hope for was a position in the Big House, home of the immensely powerful and politically influential Goyena family. So, when Señorita Delia Lugghi – enigmatic teacher and devout Perónist – arrives from Buenos Aires to found…

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  • The Various Stages of a Garden Well-Kept

    By Robert R. Davis Loosely based on true events, this is a multi-generational tale about relationships and family. Short, punchy chapters provide a fragmented framework to the stories, which gradually begin to come together into a whole. In 1920 Irini Gaspari, a young Greek woman, leaves behind all that she holds dear – her family,…

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    The Ballad of Cherrystoke and Other Stories

    by Melanie McGee Bianchi A young maid at an upscale resort hides her banjo-playing freighthopper brother. An unlikely romance bridges a quarter-century age gap and a 150-year-old murder. A man tries to turn his sheltered mother’s backyard shed into a pricey vacation rental. A gig worker must shake off her darker identity to become a…

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  • I Piped, That She Might Dance

    by Iain MacDonald I Piped, That She Might Dance by Iain MacDonald, with a foreword by Hugh Cheape, is an historical novel based on the life of Angus MacKay (1813-1859), first Piper to the Sovereign, appointed by Queen Victoria. Mackay, who is one of the most significant figures in the history of Scottish music, died…

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    Blackwater Press Short Story Collection 2021

    Blackwater Press Short Story Collection 2021 is a collection of the top ten short stories from our inaugural short story contest, as selected by the Blackwater editors. We are so excited to be publishing all of these amazing writers, and hope this is the first of many such collections. The theme for this contest was…

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