by Milagros Lasarte

Life in the town of LV runs placidly and smoothly, regulated by an unspoken, but very much omnipresent System. When Monica and her daughter move into the house known as the Hovel, everyone is ready to welcome them – until it becomes apparent that they do not, and will not, blend into the well-oiled scheme. A crescendo of unrest pervades the town dragging everyone into its tidal wave, with consequences reverberating in unexpected ways. Will things ever be the same again?


Praise for Symbiosis

With style and élan, Milagros Lasarte explores middle-class social mores in this delicious – and deliciously wicked – debut novella. It is not without compassion, however. This, coupled with Lasarte’s defining leftfield sensibility, renders the familiar yet strange organism of LV irresistible. Enormously satisfying … this is a tale that will blossom in the imagination long after it is set down.
– Jane McKie, author of Carnation Lily Lily Rose

The cultural microcosm of the typical neighborhood is the perfect setting for Symbiosis, with a deliciously uncomfortable gander into the human tendency to create an “Us v. Them” mentality in everyday life. Debut author Milagros Lasarte nails this engrossing contemplation of societal norms with a thought-provoking twist at the end that I’m still thinking about days later. An entertaining must read from an author who is sure to be your new favorite.
– Leanne Kale Sparks, award-winning author of the Kendall Beck series

Milagros Lasarte’s fascinating debut novel is an insightful – and incisive – study on the synergies between individuals and groups, between social stasis and change. Partly allegory, partly suburban gothic, this novel examines the forces that bring together humans and their environment, creating an uneasy and tense atmosphere, where trivial or minor daily gestures or decisions threaten to unleash chaos at every turn. This is done with an assured, light-handed, and slightly ironic touch that make the novel an absolute pleasure to read.
– Ioulia Kolovou, author of The Stone Maidens

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