Catch the Moments As They Fly



by Zoë Strachan

Rena Jarvie is ahead of her time. Ambitious, attractive, and determined her family will escape their shameful past. A new town offers a chance at the respectability and independence she craves, but is it enough? When she marries Bobby Young – charming, cosmopolitan and haunted by his own memories – doors begin to open for the couple. Together, they could make their mark on the world – or lose everything they have. Spanning the 1930s to the 1960s, Catch the Moments as They Fly is a vividly realised portrait of class, ambition and womanhood in a rapidly changing Scotland. Told in Strachan’s subtle and delicate prose, it is a radiant work of fiction.


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Glasgow and Kilmarnock are much more than mere backdrops to the delicate web of
human voices and fates in the novel: their own civic destinies, spanning two world wars and decades of aftermath, play a powerful and evocative part in this wonderfully vivid and moving portrait of the past.
– Wayne Price, author of Furnace and Mercy Seat

Catch the Moments as They Fly is, simultaneously, an engrossing and affecting love story, a family saga, and a deft portrait of Scottish urban life in the wake of two world wars. Subtle, layered, and full of captivating historical detail as well as vividly drawn characters, this is a novel to get lost in. Absolutely compelling.
– Jane Mckie, author of, most recently, Carnation Lily Lily Rose

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